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Heaven, Hell, and Wormholes

I have never been a really religious person and I like sciece over blind faith.  I have always believed in a god but it’s probably not a type of god that any religion painted pictures of.  For all I know God is just a ball of light.  I have always wondered the possibility of heaven, Hell, God, and Satan.  How can they exist?  I’d actually give myself a headache trying to come up with an answer for that question many times.  I need scientific explanations for how things work and how things came to be.  I do not understand how someone can just have blind faith.  I do believe in God because things I’ve really wanted and needed, I got.  Things that I have asked him repeatedly for.  I remember thinking a few times that I ask him for an awefull lot and I wonder what I would have to give in turn.   By the way, I will always say him and not capitolize the h.  It should be treated like any other he word.  Isn’t 1 of the 10 commandments something like you shouldn’t think higher of youself than others? Well, capitolizing he is putting himself higher than other.  Who wrote that, anyway?  The only commandment that should really be there is “though shall not kill” and that’s done in war, anyway.  The other 9 are just bad choices.  Oh, and what’s up with “Though shalt not put any god before me?”uhhh yeah.  And God has a sense of humor.  Look at the platypus for instance.


Then there’s Hell.  For some religions Hell doesn’t even exist but I don’t have a religion other than paganism.  Even with paganism, I still don’t know a great deal.  I have no idea if pagans believe in that.  Here’s what I thiought:  I thought that if you’re bad ya just get reborn into another body.  Ya don’t spend time on the other side at all.  But I’ve heard stories of people that died and most went to heaven but some went to hell.  Their stories seem really convincing and somewhat alike.  So who knows?  I’ve also thought the possibility of you’re dreaming even though you’re dead so I put that idea out of my head since it’s not scientifically possible.


Then I was watching The Science channel and they were talking about wormholes.  They said that other planets, in other galaxies can have these worm holes they can go in and travel to another planet in a short time.  For example if traveling by space ship it’d take many light years but through worm holes more like 3 years.  Earth doesn’t have the technology  and know how to go about getting a worm hole yet.  Other planets are way more advanced than  earth and we have no way of seeing since it’d take light years.


So now I have a belief or more like a theory that there is a heaven and hell, they can just travel through worm holes to get to us or even just to look at us.  I like this idea and it makes god and the devil more logical.  I’m all about logic.


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