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The Day Of Christmas

It was the day of christmas.

There were presents galore.

Presents that covered the entire floor.

The stockings were filled to the top,

looked like their seems were about to pop.

The children were thrilled, as they rushed out.

They knew there were lots, there was no doubt.

I was awakened by the sound of excitement,

off to the living room is where I went.

The kids were screaming in joy and making a mess.

I wanted to pull my hair out, I confess.

I rushed to the kitchen and made some coffee.

All I needed was some caffeine in me.

The sun began to shine really bright,

wished the day was over and it was night.

Enough caffeine in my system, finally.

With the kids, I no longer had to plea.

All presents opened they calmed down a bit.

Got dressed and wore the sweater that Grandma knit.

The sweater wasn’t bad, it was real warm.

Would be good to wear, out in a snow storm.


We walked in the house, where our whole family sat.

Even more kids, running this way and that.

To calm it all down, presents were handed out..

From my uncle I received a singing trout.

I smiled and politely said, “Thank you.”

All that time and my uncle

still had no clue.

We gathered around the table.  Time to eat.

The dinner looked like it was really a treat.

My aunt coughed hard and out flew some ham,

out of her throat and onto my yam.

It was gross but I laughed real hard.

I joked that I needed a food guard.

There was also turkey, but it was too dry.

Was done with the meal, but I did have some pie.


We went home and the kids left me alone.

I sat in the living room, on my throne.

The kids wound down and all went to bed.

Finally over! The day that I dread.



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