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The Seven Deadly Sins And Me

I understand the majority of the deadly sins because 4 out of 7 of them are mine.  Wonder if other people are like that or if most people are just harboring one guilty sin.  First up, I’m going to talk about gluttony because I just ate a piece of pie with whip cream loaded on it.  They say “everything in moderation”.  Well, I don’t know if it’s because I have an addictive personality or what but I can’t really do anything in moderation.  I totally have an inner fat person that loves fried, sugary, fatty things loaded with bad carbs. I can usually curb her need for all that stuff unless I’m really hungry or if there’s cookies around.  Cookies….fuggidaboudit!  This time of year (just after thanksgiving) is a tough time to keep that bitch in check.  The only time of year I can drink egg nog and custard.  Oh how I love that stuff!  Just two years ago every two days I was buying new custard and egg nog; drinking it like the world was ending.  I drank 3 24 ounce sodas a day and I made cookies every few weeks.  Man!  I love making cookies!  Nothing like biting into a nice warm gooey chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven.  By the way, that’s tthe only thing I like cooking.  If my inner fat person had her way, she would be a total glutton.

I fight my inner fat chick off with pride/ vanity.  I work out all the time and I completely cut out soda.  I always dress to show off my body because I work hard for it.  I enjoy looking at my body and I really believe that other people should enjoy looking at my body too.  I know that I’m by far the best looking but I’m not the worst either.  Personally, I don’t see why other people don’t look after their bodies more.  Then they go into public with their big bellies hanging out of their shirts and rolls flapping all over the place.  Do they own a mirror?  Are they aware of what they may look like?  I think everyone should have some pride in themselves but some just take it to a whole new level of confidence and power.  (You Pantera fans will get that reference)

Lust:  Family members- If you got this far, stop reading right now.  Ever since I can remember I have done some sort of sexual thing.  Even if it wasn’t actual sex because I was way too young. I just did whatever with my friends.  Doesn’t everyone do stuff like that or is it just me?  I will not go into detail just in case my relatives didn’t stop reading this.  I remember having my hand down my pants as I watched tv and my mom said “Get your hand out of your pants.  That’s not nice.”  Not nice?  Sure felt nice to me.  I’ve always felt horny.  Even before I knew what horny was.

Anger/ wrath:  I have quite a temper.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that the temper doesn’t come out very often.  It comes out in order to defend myself or just against stupid people.  Today the gas station was loaded with stupid people.  I went back to get a cappacino and some guy was standing almost  right where I needed as he talked to a group of guys that were sitting at 2 tables.  The guy didn’t even move like I thought he would.  I worked around him, just waiting for him to get in my way.  My blood wasn’t boiling but it was on a slow simmer.  Then when I went up to the counter some lady in front of me was talking on her cell phone, asked for a pack of whatever brand cigarettes and then told the person she was talking to that she was telling the lady to get her the cigarettes.  Without saying “Hold on” or even better, not being on the mother fucking phone in order to do her transaction.  Fuckin’ people are stupid!  People aren’t exactly smart with their smart phones.   I was so glad when I finally got out of there!

Greed:  I am a little greedy but not too bad.  Would be nice to have it all but I can deal with just having some of it.  It’s better to give than receive?  No, it isn’t.  How would you like to give, give, give with nothing  in return?  Just not right.  It’s a 2 way street.  But I really don’t have a problem at all with people just giving me things and money.  I accept gifts year round.

Sloth:  I do love doing nothing a lot but I don’t do it constantly.  Even if I’m sitting in front of tv, I’m not just doing that.  If anything, I’ll just figet.  Burn those inner fat chick calories.  My inner fat chick has a drill seargant for a next door neighbor.  So really, there’s no time to just lay around.  I’m even on the move when I’m sick.

Envy.  This is closely tied to jealousy but they’re two different things.  It’s really all the same to me because my envy/ jealosy meter is really low.  Barely even on the radar.  They are two completely pointless and useless things.  I’d get full of wrath, lust, pride, and gluttony at the same time before I got really envious or jealous.  What makes some people jealous, would just make me want to choke someone.


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