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Kids And Cell Phones

I do not understand the fascination for cell phones. It’s bad enough that adults are constantly talking or texting on their phones, at all times of day- even in the car! Their also bringing their kids into this need to constantly have a phone in their hand.

These parents are texting their kids while they’re at school.  Texting them all the time.  Now, these parents say that it’s for safety.  I grew up without a cell phone and I was fine.  They say that when they were kids, they walked on the street and was just fine.  They make it sound like today’s kids will all be killed or kidnapped.  That shit all happened back then too.  They also say that they want their kid to be able to call them whenever.  Well, there are phones out there the kid can use.   People should automatically know where their kids are anyway.  Give them a certain time to come back and check in or if they’re at a friends not in the neighborhood then they should use the friend’s parent’s phone to call home.

It’s really not rocket science but I see cell phones actually making people even dumber than they ever were before.    And now, bring on the hate mail and arguing!


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