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Me? Quiet?

Apparently I’m really quiet.  A bunch of people would be sitting around, talking and I’d just be there listening, not saying anything.  I wouldn’t think much of it but then someone would say, “You’re so quiet.”  My response is always, “I don’t really have anything to say.”  It got me thinking.  I really don’t ever have much to say.  There are times that I do have a lot to say but often when I have a lot to say, I’m giving someone a piece of my mind.  Not every time.  Any time I think something, it automatically comes out of my mouth.  I have absolutely no filters.


When I’m around a bunch of people I don’t know I really don’t say much unless they’re talking about a subject I know well.  I guess in a way it’s kinda like feeling people out.  One thing I really can’t stand is a non stop talker.  I haven’t been around one of those in a few years.  A few years ago, there was this chick that was fucking babbling non stop, about honestly I have no idea.  All I kept thinking was “Shut the fuck up!”  I swear I wanted to choke her just so it would be quiet.


Then someone would be talking to me and I wouldn’t say a lot back other than “Yeah.” or something.  Because I honestly didn’t have anything to say back even though I listened to ever word said.  I guess I like to feel people out before saying a lot.  Even after I get a feel for people, I still may not talk a lot.  I don’t really care what people think but I do to some extent.  I just don’t want people to think just because I’m quiet around ya that I’m ignoring you or being a bitch.  If I ignore you, I’ll act like you’re not in the room.  If I’m a bitch to you, there’s no mistaking that.  I just hope I’m not creepy quiet.  ha!  I think it’s safe to say I’m not creepy quiet unless I do  that intentionally.


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