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The Last Time I was In Illinois

It was Tuesday June 24, 2007, the day of my”best”friend whatever number birthday  We’re the same age but I stopped counting my own age years ago so forget keeping up wth other people’s age.  She came over, we hung out a bt then we left.   We went right up the road to a bar that I love and we both had good times there.  Being a Tuesday though, the place had maybe eight other people in it and everyone was stairing at us.  We were the youngest in there at that time I believe.  There was this creepy ass guy that kept stairing and stairing at ME.  Not her.  Me.  SOOOOO I got up and I went to the other side of the table where I faced the bathroom door and had my back to the rest of the people.  Which I love to people watch but seems like everyone was enjoying watching us.  Then that guy…I was minding my own damn business, drinking my big ass slow screw talking to my friend and then the creepy guy came over.  I forgot his name but he’s a regular that has creeped me out on more than that occasion.  I got use to him but not that day.  Well, she saw that I was highly uncomfortable with everyone stairing at us & that 1 guy focusing on me.  Which is kind of unusual because I like being oggled.  Just not non fucking stop by every person in the place. So we left.


We had no idea where we were going to go but we stopped at the gas station and got a couple of Mountain Dews.  Oh how I miss that sweet nectar. After the gas station, she aid “How about the landing?  We ALWAYS have a great time there.”  For you people that don’t know…the landing is Laclede’s Landing which is a bunch of clubs, bars, restaurant, and a sex shop by the arch.So off we went to The Landing.  We had never been there on a Tuesday.  We had gone on Thursdays. Fridays, and Saturdays, but never on any other day of the week.  We figured it’d be dead but it’d still be fun.  Well, it definitely was a night to remember.


When we got there, there were an abundant amount of parking spaces which was something new for us there, since it was packed when we’d go there previously.  We took a swig of our Dews and out we went,locking the car doors before we headed off to find a club.  We went to one club that had about fifteen people in it.  She ordered her drink:sex on the beach while I had pineapple juice and rum.  She got up to dance and just as usual, tried to get me to dance as well but I do not dance.  I just don’t like it.  Then this black chick started dancing with her and I sighed relief and sat down.  Before we knew it, the lights had come on, the music stopped and it was time to leave.The black chick, came over with this short and stocky black guy with a raspy voice that was supposedly her brother.I was trying to fight heartburn from drinking.My friend approached me and asked if I’d like to go home or go to a club with these two people we didn’t know.  Now, I’m not racist and I was just seeing two people that wanted to keep partying but I didn’t think this would occur…..


We all walked to my friend’s car and the one chick went somewhere else.  We were just outside the club and my friend hands over her keys to this guy we knew for ten minutes.  Just handed them right over.  I wanted to snatch them from her hand before they got to him or sat “What the fuck are you doing?”  But no.  I just silently watched in disbelief.  So we went to her car.  He got in the driver’s seat and I get in the passenger’s seat since that was my seat.  She sat in back but scooted upby me so she could see where we were going so she could know the way out.  We went to Brooklyn, Illinois which has a slang name but I forgot what it is called.


We went to a strip club.  We got inside & the guy had the keys out.  This time, I thought I’d try something.  So I reached out to try to take them and he pushed my arm away.  I tried again, saying,” give me the keys now!”  The guy pushed my hand away even harder and said,”I got this.  Don’t worry about it.”  He put them in his pocket and I was getting pissed.  I reached for his pocket and pushed me away harder so I gave up.  I couldn’t fight him.  I would have gotten my ass kicked.



My friend was into girls and Hell I enjoy any naked body.  The stripper kept putting my hands on her legs.  I was amazed how smooth her legs were.  We were in the front row of seats by the stage and the short black raspy voiced guy was in the row behind us. The stripper turned her attention to my friend which was cool since my friend’s the one that likes chicks.  I turn around to where the guy was sitting AND HE’S GONE!   I told my friend to turn around and look where the guy was.  She went outside to see if he was by the car or if the car was still there.  I walked around the to see if I could find that guy.  My friend came in, freaking out saying her car was gone.  Here’s what I thought,”My soda’s in there and I only took a few drinks.”  Always the jokester even if it was just in my own head.  We step outsideand off in the distance I see that girl from earlier around a bunch of black guys.  Now, I’m not one to see a bunch of black people and think it’s a gang but considering where we were it was a gang.  I found out from the owner of the club just how dangerous it was for 2 white girls to be.  It was after closing and everone was going home.  The owner knew about our situation as did the cab drivers that came and one was even thinking a bout taking us home without charge.  The owner wanted to take us home but didn’t want any kink of trouble to happen.. She called her boyfriend that wasn’t too far away.  We rode off after six in the morning in silence.


After that, our friendship just went gradually down hill. It’s not because of that night but that night started it, I suppose.


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