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facebook making people less social?

I’ve read in a few places and even saw on the news that facebook is making people even less social.  They said that in stead of being actual functioning creatures of society, they’d rather sit behind their computer at facebook and other social networking sites. These things have also said that people also go out to dinner or a party, etc and are glued to facebook on their cell phones.  I don’t have a cell phone so that part doesn’t apply to me.  Actually the first part doesn’t apply to me either.


I have 280 friends on there and I consider them all my friends.  Some I know better than others and some are actually my favorites.  Yes, I have favorite friends but I’m not telling which ones are my favorites.  Some I’ve known since I was little, a lot of them I knew in school and while I associated with them I know them better now because of facebook.  There’s also people I have as friends on here that I just know on the internet.  Some of which I consider great friends.


These news things say that you’re  less likely to socialize in person.  Well, I’ve always been a social person and if anything I go somewhere and see someone that’s a friend of a friend on facebook.  You can really get to know a person well through facebook.  I don’t know about anyone else but if I go into public and see someone in reality that I saw on facebook, I will go up to them and say “Hey those were crazy pictures.” or whatever.  So I don’t understand where these articles and news stories are getting their information.  This just doesn’t apply to me.


Through my observations, it’s not facebook but the cell phone that’s making people this way.  In my personal opinion, it’s making a lot of people turn into fucktards.  Oh, but none of my 280 friends are being turned into fucktards.  😉


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