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I post something talking about a subject that annoys me or if I’m just venting, almost always somebody thinks that I’m just being bitchy.  I have a whole pic folder dedicated to things that annoy me.  But that shit is funny!  I say what other people think.  A lot of people think it’s hillarious (as I do) and some people think it’s really insulting.  I’m not friends with the people that are really offended by my humor.  Nobody should take life so seriously.  Nobody gets out alive anyway.


Then I got to thinking:  A lot of professional comedians do the same exact thing. Observational humor.   I’ll never be a professional comedian, unless me hyperventalating and my knees shaking is funny.  I have stage freight and THAT will never happen.  I’m more of  behind the scenes type; less nerve wracking.  But, I do think like a comedian.  Everything is funny and has great knee slapping potential.   If I’m not laughing with you, you can bet your sweet ass that I’m laughing at you.  I laugh at myself all the time too.


I am not a negative person although my humor is. The glass has always been and will always be half full!


Thank you and good night!


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  1. Thank you for your amazing post! It has long been really valuable. I hope which you will proceed sharing your wisdom with us.

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