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There’s a Thing Called Personal Space

When you’re at the checkout lane at the store, give the person in front of you a bit of space.  I know I’m not the only person that gets annoyed by having someone practically up your ass in the line.  The line’s not gonna move any faster if you’re standing on my heels.  And I know there’s people reading this thinking” What a bitch.” The people that say the last thing are the ones that get right up on someone. 

   Tonight I was at the store, in the checkout.  Put all the groceries up there, waiting for their turn to be scanned.  A lady got right behind me, not even giving me a foot of room, maybe  an inch or inch & a half.  I scooted up & she was there right on my ass, scooting up right with me.  So I stepped my foot back about half an inch & bumped into her.  She still didn’t get the point.  So then I kept kicking my leg back , hoping she’d stay back out of my space.  That worked for a little bit, then I was all finished & I got out of there.

  There was this other time that I was in the checkout lane & this young teen couple was standing behind me making out.  They stood so close, I felt I should join in.  I put my foot behind me about half an inch & knocked into them.  The girl giggles & says sorry.  Then I put my hand on my hip, so my elbow sticks out.  Once again, they knocked into me.  Now they both giggle.  I roll my eyes & say “there’s a thing called personal space and you’re in mine.  So back up.”  Then I picked up my pack of smokes & left.

   Those aren’t the only 2 occasions.  There’s many more instances.  Moral of this little story: Stay out of people’s personal spaces.  And if you don’t mind people in your space, the person in front of you may be having a bad day & you may get your head verbally ripped of for getting all up on their asses.


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