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Vocabulary Enhancers

Language is ok without cuss words, but language is better with vocabulary enhancers, which are cuss words.  I got that term from an episode of Spongebob.  Spongebob was reading graffiti and when he came across a word he never heard, a dolphin noise came out.  He walked around all day saying “How the _____ (dolphin noise) are ya?” Mr. Krabs confronted him, saying that he should never say those 7 words (14 if you’re a sailor) again.

  They are only vocabulary enhancers if you use them in moderation.  I’m mainly talking about the word fuck, but all add a bit of enhancement.

  Noun: “What a dumb fuck”

  Verb: ” Fuck me runing”

  Adjective: “Fucking great”

  Greetings: “How the fuck are you?”

  Aggression: “Fuck you!!!”

  Confusion, Curiosity or Disbelief: “What the fuck?”

  Good Job:  “Congratufuckinglations”

  Intelligence:  “He’s a fucking genius.”

  Lost:  “Where the fuck are we?”

  Pain:  “fuck! that hurt”

  Admiration: “Nice fucking tits”

  Stupid person: “dumbfuck”

  Suspicion: “Who the fuck are you?”

  Panic:  “Let’s get the fuck out of here!”

  Directions: “fuck off”

  Maternal:  “motherfucker”

  Praising the Lord:  “Jesus fucking christ”

  Be quiet:  Shut the fuck up”

  Confidence:  “fuckin’ A”

  Enraged:  “I’m gona fuck you up”

  If overused, it’s no longer a vocabulary enhancer.  Once I counted how many times 2 people used the word fuck.  19 times in 4 minutes.  Now that’s too much.  Kinda loses it’s oomph if overused like that.  9 times in 4 minutes, is a bit more of an enhancement.

  I hope you fucking enjoyed reading this. 


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