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Reality shows

  Who’s idea was this?  It was ok when ther were just Cops, Divorce Court, & Unsolved Mysteries, because those were the only ones then.  Just out of curiosity I went through the cable guide & counted 100 reality shows.  I know there’s more that I’ve missed & way more to come.  

  Reality shows are so hot, only cuz that’s just about the only thing there is to watch.  Personally, I only enjoy a few VH1 reality shows. I was never into American Idol, Wife Swap, Super Nany, Cops, any court one, any MTV one, Fear Factor, or The Apprentice.  I seriously can’t watch Inked or Miami Ink, only because it makes me crave another tattoo, I can practically feel it.  I just wish sitcoms would make a huge comeback & knock all these stupid reality shows off the air.   


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