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  On A & E, I watched a documentary on skinheads in Birmingham Alabama.  I wanted to punch each one of those ignorant racist rednecks.  They were all like “Whit power! One day we will get rid of all the blacks and jews”  How do they think that will ever happen?  Getting rid of all the blacks and jews is as posible as it is to get rid of all the stupid racist idiots.  Impossible.  They all had a crazy psychotic look in their eyes.  (coincidentally the same look my racist ex gets) I hope one day they all go to jail & get ass raped by a big bl;ack guy.  Whites are the ones who forced blacks into America in the 1st place, after forcing native americans to give up their land.  Who the hell does white man think he is?  We are all the same inside.  Red blood coursing through our veins.

  I have 2 cousins that are half black.  I’m sure they hafta deal with racism at times, but I never ever hope they are victims of hate crimes.  If so, I hope they can kick the ignorant racist moron’s ass. 

  I can’t believe racism is still around after all these centuries.  I’m kind of glad whites brought blacks into America, because America definately would be a bit duller.  We wouldn’t have had the musical talent of Jimi Hendrix, (guitar probably wouldn’t sound the same as it does today)Lionel Ritchie, Ray Chales, and many others.  We wouldn’t have the comedy of Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, and many more.  We may never have known of these inventions: furnace, air conditioner, clothes drier, gas masks, peanut butter, pencil sharpener, wrench, lawn mower, refrigerator, typewriter, hairbrush, toilet, or fountain pen.

  I just don’t see why peole have to hate, burn crosses in yards, beat, and kill anyone, just because of a different skin color. 


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