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tattoos are like potato chips: Can’t have just one.

I have 3 tattoos & want another one so bad I can practically feel the needle pulsating ink onto my flesh.  Even though I have 3 tats, I’ve ben inked a total of 6 times.  My 1st one was a CFH on my stomach. A year later I had flames added to it.  The next one was a rose on my left shoulder blade, which I had recolored the following year. The year after that, I got a melting peace sign  on my upper right thigh, which was redone a year later.  I need, no longer want, but need to get aliens added to the peace sign.  Out of all those times, I was inked, I only paid $100.00 for the peace sign redo.  I haven’t been inked in about 3 years & I’m joansing for it again.  It hurts, but I enjoy the pain of getting tattoed.  And having a piece of unique art on my body.  Tattoos are like potato chips:  Ya can’t have just one. 


2 Responses to “tattoos are like potato chips: Can’t have just one.”

  1. Thats the truth baby…

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