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Attn girls: wear clothes that actually fit you

   Females, please please look into a mirror before you go out into public.  If you don’t have a mirror, go buy one. 

  It disgusts me when I go out to a store & see a chick in clothes that are clearly too small.  She has a muffin top hangin over her jeans & under her shirt.  Or she just has a big belly & the shirt is spandex like material.  That is so wrong.  I’m sure I’m not the only person that is disgusted by that.

  It’s winter now & the only good thing about this time of year, is I don’t see that aweful stuff.  I always make sure to say something to the person I’m with about their unfitting clothes.  Or if I’m by myself, I sort of think outloud, so they  hopefully get the point and never go out into public like that again.  I have a stomach so tight, you can bounce a quarter off of it, so I can wear revealing clothes. 

  Funny thing is, the chicks I see do this are white.  Blacks, Latinas, & asians always wear clothes that fit them accordingly. 


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