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The World’s dirtiest joke

First I’d like to do some explaning about this joke.  I had never heard of it, til last night, watching HBO.  It goes back to the days of vaudville, but no one told it on stage. Mainly just comedians told it backstage.  It was just a long raunchy joke, that always started & ended the same.   A lady walks into a talent agency.  She says to the agent “I have got a phenomanal family act, that you’d be crazy not to book.”

  The agent says “well let’s hear it.”

  The lady explains “first me & my husband are on stage with our 7 year old boy, 2 year old daughter, our pet dog, and our cat.My husband rips all my clothes off me as I rip all his off him as the children watch & undres each other.  The dog starts humping the cat. My 2 year old daughter grabs the dog’s nuts.  My 7 year old son sticks his little dick into the 2 year old’s ass.  My husband shoves his cock down my throat to the point where I puke. Everyone then dives into the puke & rolls around for a bit.  My husband then rams his large cock into the dog’s ass, & the dog takes a big shit all over his dick.  I then squat over the 7 year old & take a dump that’s so hard it knocks him unconcious.  My cat & dog come over & eat my shit.  Then comes in my gay midget cousin, with a 10 inch cock.  Who sucks my husbands shitty dick & then fucks my unconscious 7 year old boy, who starts bleeding.  Everyone licks up the blood.  I lay back & the cat comes over & licks my pussy, with its sandpapery toungue as my 2 year old daughter is licking my nipples, and my husband fucks my 2 year old daughter up the ass, whose asshole is so tiny she can’t take it.  She starts bleeding & shitting everywhere, while the midget licks my husbands hairy asshole.  Then the finally is, my recently departed granny is drug out by her hair by me & my husband.  My husband then proceeds to fuck the cold stiff corpse, while the midget fucks the cat, the dog fucks me & the 2 year old girl licks her unconscious brother’s limp dick.”

  The agent says”Woah, what do you call this act?”

  The lady replies “The aristocrats”


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