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There’s a Thing Called Personal Space

January 21, 2007

When you’re at the checkout lane at the store, give the person in front of you a bit of space.  I know I’m not the only person that gets annoyed by having someone practically up your ass in the line.  The line’s not gonna move any faster if you’re standing on my heels.  And I […]


January 17, 2007

  On A & E, I watched a documentary on skinheads in Birmingham Alabama.  I wanted to punch each one of those ignorant racist rednecks.  They were all like “Whit power! One day we will get rid of all the blacks and jews”  How do they think that will ever happen?  Getting rid of all […]

Reality shows

January 17, 2007

  Who’s idea was this?  It was ok when ther were just Cops, Divorce Court, & Unsolved Mysteries, because those were the only ones then.  Just out of curiosity I went through the cable guide & counted 100 reality shows.  I know there’s more that I’ve missed & way more to come.     Reality shows […]

Vocabulary Enhancers

January 17, 2007

Language is ok without cuss words, but language is better with vocabulary enhancers, which are cuss words.  I got that term from an episode of Spongebob.  Spongebob was reading graffiti and when he came across a word he never heard, a dolphin noise came out.  He walked around all day saying “How the _____ (dolphin […]

video game addiction

January 16, 2007

I’ve loved video games since the days of atari.  I was about 5 or 6 when I played atari.  Had a Nintendo when I was 13 and that’s where the addiction really started.  Up all night playing Super Mario Bro’s, Battle Toads, Mario 3 & many others that I’d go rent.    A few years […]

tattoos are like potato chips: Can’t have just one.

January 16, 2007

I have 3 tattoos & want another one so bad I can practically feel the needle pulsating ink onto my flesh.  Even though I have 3 tats, I’ve ben inked a total of 6 times.  My 1st one was a CFH on my stomach. A year later I had flames added to it.  The next one […]

Attn girls: wear clothes that actually fit you

January 16, 2007

   Females, please please look into a mirror before you go out into public.  If you don’t have a mirror, go buy one.    It disgusts me when I go out to a store & see a chick in clothes that are clearly too small.  She has a muffin top hangin over her jeans & […]

The World’s dirtiest joke

January 12, 2007

First I’d like to do some explaning about this joke.  I had never heard of it, til last night, watching HBO.  It goes back to the days of vaudville, but no one told it on stage. Mainly just comedians told it backstage.  It was just a long raunchy joke, that always started & ended the same.   […]